Tuesday, June 17

#DADIM 2014 recap

I am going to be perfectly honest with you. This #dadim was a mess of  a whole lot harder than I originally expected it to be. Just before I started the month of May my parents decided to put the house on the market. Now before you label them crazy they did plan for it, just not in the God-sized way it happened. We worked from sun-up to sun-down for three straight weeks. We ripped carpet, painted bathrooms, sorted attic spaces, burned old files, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned. It was long and tiring but we were so proud of ourselves for how much we got done! The house looks fantastic, we have a buyer, and we close on July 30th. God. is. Good!

Anyway, all the work posed a slight problem for my ability to wear dresses when I wanted to. Since I work from home I was helping out quite a bit. I did stick with it and was able to pull off a few cute and put-together days! 
I learned a bit about work and dress combinations. I learned that I am thankful for the ease of shorts we have now. I thought back to when girls wore dresses...like that was it...and how hot and cumbersome that must have been. Climbing a ladder in a maxi-dress was a feat...let me tell you! 
At the exact same moment I was grumbling about it, I realized how simple of a thing that was. We have all but lost our feminine touch. I have no brothers and I didn't mind lending a hand at all but it got me thinking...it isn't anything for a girl to roll up her sleeves and get down to work. I am not against hard work at all. I love a good day's sweat. However, I would have loved for it not to be a reason for me to avoid being feminine. You know? 
I learned to get very creative. Surprisingly there were VERY little on repeat. Which I wasn't expecting. I learned to stretch an item or two and various ways and there was very little I didn't like. 
I learned that maxi (of any kind) and cotton knit fabrics were the best for comfort, my job, and over all enjoyment. There wasn't much in way or tugging, pulling, pinching etc. 
I learned that it is SO much better when you are doing it as a team.  I am a part of a group on Facebook and this year my sister joined me! It made the days seem so much shorter looking forward to seeing the looks everyone came up with! 
I learned that dressing like a girl gave me a reason to carry myself like one too. I typically carry a pretty can-do-attitude. Much to the dismay of some of my left side, feminist friends I enjoyed having the door held open for me or the heavy loads carried for me. Not because I am weak, lazy, or overly dependently flirtatious but because it caused a sense of being girl to carry over to how I accepted help or not. 
I learned that I value my Mays and look forward to next year when I do it all over again!

Can't wait for summer!

Friday, June 6

Five on Friday: Jane loves!

Happy Friday!

I will be back with a #dadim recap. The month went really well and I can't wait to let you guys in on it!

For now, let's get the festivities of Friday underway. I have been looking forward to this day all week! It has just been one of those weeks....=)

If you have never heard of Jane.com, you should go there right now! There is pretty much nothing on there that I dislike. I have mentally spent WAY too much money! Yeah for self-control right?

So my five are my current top five picks!

First up are these fantastic linen pants! Light, airy, and fun colors! I'm in love!

Pick a size and take home these guys for 18.99

Next up is this adorable polka dot top! I just love the sleeve detail and of course polka dots make everything better!

Polka Dot Top - 18.99

Again with the polka dots!

How cute is this?! And modest! The description even says the modest cut intended to be worn at the natural waist allows the skirt to hit below the knee! Plus a no-slit design ensures its modesty from the sitting aspect! Yeah!

Polka Dot Pencil Skirt - 9.99

Number four comes in with this chevron tribal tunic top. I just love all the colors and it's year round wearing capabilities!

Chevron Tunic Top -19.99

I haven't completely decided about these shorts yet. I love the idea of lace/crochet shorts but I haven't landed on a particular style yet. I am not a huge fan of the length of these but I would purchase them to see and potentially return them. I like to try until I get it right!

Fabulous Crochet Shorts - 17.99

Happy Friday Folks!

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Sunday, May 11

#dadim week 2

Monday Day 5
NEVER got dressed. In clothes that is. We worked all day long. I stayed like this...
Tuesday Day 6
Slightly more successful!
Dress: J Crew
Shoes: Bongo 
Wednesday Day 7
Work day...but this time, in a dress.
Dress: Walmart

Thursday Day 8
That day was our last big push to get the house ready outside. Again, no dress. 2 out of 11 isn't bad! 

Friday Day 9
Dress: Walmart (OLD)
Shrug: Eddie Bauer

Saturday Day 10
Ok, so again no dress. Painting and ladder climbing. Need I say more? I didn't think so. =) So we are up to 3 out of 11.
Sunday Day 11
Happy Mother's Day. Sundays guarantee I'll get dressed around here! I have to admit this is a favorite outfit!
Dress: Land's End
Cardigan: J Crew
Shoes: Target
Watch: Chraming Charlies
Necklace: my grandmother was throwing it away! Have no idea where it came from!

Happy Mother's Day! Hope all you mothers had a wonderful day! 

Monday, May 5

#dadim week 1

This week has been really fun! It started out crazy and I am determined to stick with it! Pretty successful so far. Really working hard to stick with it! It is a little difficult because of this move but I have been making it work. =)
Day 1: This was our last attic day so I had to stay somewhat casual to climb up there. 
Tshirt - St. Louis Cardinals
Jean skirt - Target

Day 2 -  Just a work/cleaning day so I was able to actually wear cute clothes...still grungy though! =)
Shirt - Hanes (sidenote: it is a men's tshirt...like the undershirt kind. BUT, this is my all time favorite shirt to wear when I am in the mood for a boyfriend tee. It is so soft and goes with just about anything depending on how I tie it, belt it, or tuck it. I will do a post about that later!)
skirt - dollar general...yes!
Day 3 -  Finally a day where I wasn't working! We had a family day house hunting and going to craft fairs and family dinners! 
Dress - walmart 
scarf - Jane
Belt - target
Day 4 - Church day!
Skirt - JC Penny's (old)
shirt - Sams

It isn't too late to join #dadim. Link up here or the blog or on facbook! It is so fun to be creative and fun!

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Wednesday, April 30

Last day of Pants!

Currently using up my last day of pants in work clothes because #wearemoving. 

Details to come on the main blog! Looking forward to see your dresses/skirts ladies! #dadim

Tuesday, April 15

An announcement and an Invitation

Goodness me! This poor little neglected blog! I have no excuse other than time. By the time the lighting is decent for pictures I don't have time and when I have time, the lighting is bad. I digress.

So, announcement time! I have decided to participate in A Dress A Day in May again this year! I am super, super excited! I took part last year and had a pretty successful go of it. Just really lacked in the picture taking department! This year my goal is to take decent pictures...ok, ok just to take pictures period!

Now for the invitation. Please join along! The rules are simple.
- Everyday for the month of May, where a skirt or dress.
- Take pictures.
- Write up a short synopsis of your day.
- Link back here or instagram with #DADIM

Simple right? Who wants to join me?

Monday, January 13

scarves and yellow!

So, I am wonderful at coming up with the lamest titles ever! Talented folks!

This dress unfortunately isn't mine! Sad face. I just love this outfit!

Dress(sister's): Target
Tights: Kohls
Shoes: Charming Charlies
Scarf: gift

Oh and product plug: I love, love, love the organix surf paste! I tried it for the first time and I am a believer. So is my normally pathetic, lifeless hair! *see above^

Lastly, Friday hair, don't care! 50% of this outfit is from a thrift store! No, NO shame!
Cardigan: Thrift store
top: thrift store
jeans: walmart
boots: DSW
necklace: target

Hopefully I will start taking pictures with an actual camera! =) Maybe a little shame!